Enterprise Applications

SAP Implementation

As per standard definition “implementation” is the process of putting a decision or a plan into effect. Gyan Consulting partners you way beyond this definition. General myth among customers having heard horror stories about implementation gone wrong is “SAP Implementation fails”. Here we bring in our story of 100% success in SAP implementation in past 7 years.

These success stories are built in on a concrete base work, strong structural design, a proven execution plan and implementation methodology. Implementation team at Gyan ensures comfort to our customer with its best cultural fit, soft skills and industry knowledge which hits a joint goal of the project and ensures customer satisfaction. We are small in size but flexible on price, strong in deeper industry process knowledge, expertise on SAP product and better working relationship contributes to our implementation capabilities.

SAP Audits

Any system audit typically focus on security, violation, SOD, duplicity, risk management, system controls etc. Apart from typical audit focus, Gyan Consulting aims at assisting customer to enable strategic alignment between IT systems and business requirements. It helps customer to understand the penetration of the system.
At Gyan we undertake audits for:

  • ERP readiness audit (Feasibility study)
  • Blue Print audit
  • SAP implementation – In process auditPost Go-live audit
  • System evaluation and utilization audit